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PRO:VOKE Touch of Silver Purple Shampoo 200ml

PRO:VOKE Touch of Silver Purple Shampoo 200ml

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PRO:VOKE Touch of Silver Purple Shampoo in a 200ml bottle is a revolutionary hair care product specially formulated to neutralize and tone down unwanted yellow and brassy tones in blonde, platinum, or gray hair.

Utilizing the power of violet pigments, this shampoo works to counteract the yellow undertones that often develop in light-colored hair due to factors such as exposure to sunlight, pollution, or the natural aging process. By depositing purple pigments onto the hair strands, it helps to restore brightness and enhance the cool, silvery tones of blonde and gray hair, leaving it looking vibrant and refreshed.

Not only does the Touch of Silver Purple Shampoo effectively tone your hair, but it also cleanses and nourishes, leaving your locks feeling soft, smooth, and revitalized. Its gentle yet effective formula is enriched with conditioning agents to help moisturize and strengthen the hair, reducing breakage and improving manageability.

With regular use, this purple shampoo helps to maintain the desired color of your hair between salon visits, extending the life of your color treatment and keeping your blonde or gray hair looking salon-fresh for longer.

The convenient 200ml bottle size makes it perfect for home use or travel, allowing you to maintain your hair's vibrancy and freshness wherever you go. Say goodbye to dull, brassy hair and hello to radiant, silver-toned locks with PRO:VOKE Touch of Silver Purple Shampoo.
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